Stuff For Lures

Spinnerbait Heads and Magnum and Magnum 13 Blades

Solid Lure Bodies – We carry a complete line of solid metal lure bodies in brass or nickel finishes for all of your unique spinner or bucktail needs.

Solid Metal Beads – To compliment the lure bodies, we also carry a full lines of metal beads in brass or nickel finishes.

Hollow Metal Beads – As an alternative to the solid metal, these beads, in brass or nickel finishes, can help add flexibility to your lure configuration.

Plastic Beads – If plastic is want you are looking for, we have a complete line in popular colors to give your lures some flash in the water.

Easy-Spin Clevises – These come in brass or nickel finishes and with hole diameters from .035 to .072.

Strip Clevises – Heavyweight solid brass clevises with an over sized hole diameter of .080 where a heavy duty shaft is your choice.

Bucktail Blade & Bodies – Make your own bucktails by matching these bodies with tied tails. These nickel solid metal bodies come ready to use with the blade type and color of your choice.

Blades – If we don’t have what you are looking for, it probably doesn’t exist. We carry Colorado, Indiana, Willow Leaf, Fluted, French, In-line, Delta and Buzzer styles of blades. The come in a variety of sized, finished and colors to meet the needs or your lure project