HardwareScrews – These round head slotted zinc-platted screws come in 3/8 and inch sizes.

Rivets – You can use these as end bearings for wooden baits like globes and toppers.

Cotter Pins – You can use these to hooks on wooden lures.

Hook Spreaders – you can use these to position hooks further apart for better hooking action.

Split Rings – We carry a complete line of stainless steel split rings in fine, standard, heavy and super-ring styles. They come in variety of sizes to meet your split ring needs.

Hook Hangers – These hook hangers are used to attach your hooks to your wooden lures.

Disc Washers – These can be used as spacers or to give your lures a finished look.

Screw Eyes – We carry a variety of closed and open loop screw eyes to help you refurbish or enhance your lures.

Snaps – We carry a full line of snaps to for your ‘quick change’ needs. Styles include the Duo-Lock, Stay Lok, Coast Lock, Double-Lok and Hooked Snap.

Swivels – Regardless of your swivel needs, we have a style on-hand to meet you need.

Wire – We carry a very complete inventory of wire sizes and finishes for any lure or leader application.