Specialty Items

Metal Lips & Props – If you want metal lips or props we have them in all shapes and sizes. Whether is if for a tallywacker, water thumper, jitterbug, crank bait, globe or topper, we have the items you have been looking to find.

Tools – We carry the hard to find round nose pliers as well as super-line scissors.

Plastics – If you are looking for a ‘one stop’ place for plastics, look no further. We carry , shad minnow bodies, Tube tails, Lizards, Twister tails and reapers.

Tackle Stuff – We have are so many little ‘bits-n-pieces’ of tackle specialty items that we couldn’t list them all. As an example, we carry, bobber stoppers, rig floats, peg floats, and bottom bouncers.

Wooden Bodies – We carry 5 styles of wooden bodies. Whether your project is surface lures, crank baits or jerk baits, we are likely to have what you need.

Hackle – If you want to tie your own lures or spruce up your existing ones, we have a complete line of hackle that includes, deer tails, living rubber, marabou feathers, hackle feathers and many more.